Captain Sully was an experienced pilot for US Airways. What should have been a normal flight on a bright day turned out to be a series of unfortunate events, as after taking off the plane went through a flock of birds, which made two of the engines fail. After quickly evaluating the situation, Captain Sully realised he wouldn’t be able to make it to an airport, and decided to land on the Hudson River. Surprisingly – and mostly due to his extensive flying experience – he managed to land the plane on the river, saving all lives on board.

Though the public saw him as a hero, his nightmare started when he was accused of negligence by the authorities, and had to go through a trial to prove his innocence. The standard procedure in flight incidents is to detect the black box (which is actually orange) and analyse cockpit activity data held within it. Luckily for Captain Sully, the black box was recovered, the facts were revealed and the sequence of events evaluated; the results supported his statement of being incapable of reaching any airport during the incident, and thus proved his innocence.

Imagine for a second that Captain Sully was the CEO or CISO of an organisation. And that he was about to fly his company through very severe and unexpected turbulence that forced his organisation to crash or make an emergency landing, and that this turbulence was called GDPR!

VisDa Is Your Black Box

Would Captain Sully have enough facts and react correctly should this happen to his organisation? And if he does the right things, but was accused of negligence, would he have the correct evidence to support his claims? Probably not! The recent events at Talk Talk and what happened to their CEO is a classic example.

This is a common case: in almost every security investigation, there is no place to quickly look for facts. Instead, if you are lucky enough, there might be a trail of clues that need to be deeply investigated to try and understand what happened.

This is like trying to understand prehistoric facts based on a set of bones being identified in a specific area. You can try to recreate what happened, but it would only be an educated guess. If only you had a camera that could show what happened… or a black box to support your case…

The good news is that this black box exists, and is called VisDa. VisDa is the black box of your organisation, the safeguard, the repository of facts that brings certainty to the uncertain GDPR world. Secgate has built a revolutionary complete track-and-trace tool that visualises and analyses data transfers to understand what, how, when and where information is moving, helping to achieve regulatory compliance.

Because the unexpected happens and certainty is your best defence, VisDa protects you and your reputation. At the end of the day, as with Captain Sully, we want you to be the hero, without any trace of doubt.

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